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Board Membership and Structure

Wokingham Safeguarding Children Board Member Responsibilities, Structure and Membership

Roles and Responsibilities of WSCB Members

It is the expectation that all members of the WSCB have a strategic role in relation to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children within their organisation. They should be able to:

  • Speak for their organisation with authority;
  • Commit their organisation on policy and practice matters; and
  • Challenge and hold their organisation to account, as well as other agencies, and bring to the Board areas of challenge and emerging issues.

All members must agree to the following:

  • All members will be inducted by the Chair of the WSCB and are required to read and sign the member Compact (appendix 2). Members are expected to attend Wokingham Safeguarding Board meetings, development sessions and extra-ordinary meetings as required. To ensure consistency and timeframes, when members are unable to attend scheduled meetings, they will ensure a suitably senior representative attends on their behalf. Attendance and sub-situation will be reported in the Annual report. 
  • All attending members will ensure that they are fully prepared for each meeting; complete actions as designated and submit any written reports for meetings to the Board Manager two weeks days prior to that meeting.  Any nominated substitutes will be similarly prepared and have full delegated authority.  If none or poor attendance by an agency is having an impact on progressing the work of WSCB or delivering key messages, this will be raised by the Chair directly with the Chief Executive or equivalent of the organisation concerned.
  • Members are expected to represent their agency at the Wokingham Board, but also the WSCB within their own agency.  Members have the responsibility to influence, embed and disseminate key messages and policies and procedures from the WSCB within their agency, plus subsequently reporting back to WSCB the evidence that this has occurred and the impact on front line practice.
  • Members should have oversight of their organisations Section 11 Return and be able to answer questions regarding identified and ongoing actions in relation to Wokingham.
  • Members are expected to contribute to the Business Plan and the Annual Report.
  • Members are expected to attend an annual development day and stakeholders forum, to reflect on the progress of the WSCB and also identify key priorities for the forthcoming year.
  • All members will be asked to make any declarations of interest at the beginning of each meeting.
  • All member agencies should be represented at every WSCB meeting.  In exceptional circumstances the Chair can decide to proceed with a minimum attendance of 75%, and this must include representatives from Wokingham Borough Council’s Children’s Social Care, Thames Valley Police and Wokingham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Lay members and representatives from the Voluntary and Community Sector should help to make links between WSCB and community groups, support stronger public engagement in local child safety issues and an improved public understanding of Wokingham Safeguarding Children Board’s child protection work.

The Lead Member for Children’s Services should be a participating observer of the WSCB. In practice this means routinely attending meetings as an observer and receiving all its written reports.


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