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What to do if you are worried about a child

E-Learning and Multi-Agency Training

All those who work directly or indirectly with children require some degree of safeguarding training either through e-learning or by attendance at a course. This includes all employees and volunteers of all WSCB member organisations. WSCB provides a blended approach utilising both e-learning and face-to-face courses. The current catalogue of e-learning courses includes:

Safeguarding in the 21st Century (e-learning)

The aim of this e-learning is to gain key messages from research into the area of safeguarding.

Safeguarding Universal (e-learning)

The aims of this e-learning is to understand the signs and symptoms of child abuse, be aware of underpinning legislation, know what to do if abuse is suspected, be clear about sharing information with others and understand local child protection policies. This e-learning is provided as part of the Safeguarding training offered by the Wokingham LSCB.

The recommended target audience for this event is: staff in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors

This online course is for new staff awaiting a place on a training course or those staff who require a refresher.

To access this go to  https://reading.learningpool.com/login/index.php and login with the Username: usclscb and Password: bwlscb

Safer Recruiting (e Learning)

Recruiting Safely

Take this online course if you are part of the children and young people's workforce and NOT the schools sector and would like to understand why safer recruiting is essential to keeping children safe, including the steps you need to take in order to do this effectively.

Safer Recruitment in Education

Take this online course which has been developed by the National College, if YOU ARE part of the part of the schools sector and want to understand how to recruit safely to keep children and young people safe.

Both these courses aim to reduce the risk of harm to children and young people by explaining the steps which lead to safer recruitment.

If you are in a management role in Children's Services you should complete the Safer Recruiting training before you begin any recruitment exercise. However, this e-learning course is useful for anyone working in any of our services.

A full list of safeguarding course can be found here.

Safeguarding Children Training is divided into two main types:

  • Universal Safeguarding which should be undertaken by everyone in the children and young people's workforce.
  • Targeted or Specialist Safeguarding which is more specific

This is offered in the LSCB training programme (PDF document) which is published below.
All courses can be booked via the WBC My Learning Website


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