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What to do if you are worried about a child

LSCB Business Plan

The WSCB Business Plan for 2017 / 18 has been approved. It sets out the three priorities:

  1. Child Sexual Exploitation: An expansion on the 2016-17 priority to explore the definition of CSE in the wider sense and to include bullying.
  2. Neglect (including domestic abuse): Neglect is applied as an umbrella term for various themes and our focus will be on assessing the impact neglect has on a child who lives in an environment where they are exposed or experience Domestic Abuse and how the continuous cycle of neglect results in the child not meeting innate potential.
  3. Innovation and development of front line practice: Understanding and being clear about risk and how we evidence best practice through innovation and development


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WSCB Business Plan 2017/18
WSCB Business Plan 2017/18


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