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What to do if you are worried about a child

Making a complaint

Complaints + Feedback

If you not happy with the work undertaken by social care or other agencies in relation to you or your children, you might want to complain about the service you are receiving, or the way you have been treated. These concerns will always be taken seriously. Details of how to make a complaint or comment are on partners websites as follows:

Wokingham Borough Council

Berkshire Healthcare NHS

Thames Valley Police

You can also use these links to comment on any work with the above agencies that you have been pleased about.
If your complaint is about the outcome of a Child Protection Conference you should talk to the Chairperson of the Conference in the first instance. 
Further information on resolution in matters of professional disagreement can be found at Berkshire Child Protection Procedures online.

If your concern remains unresolved then you may contact the WSCB Business Manager (see contact details below) to discuss whether the issue should be considered by one of the WSCB sub-groups or elsewhere.

Email: WSCB@wokingham.gov.uk


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